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WAIT Alumni Scholarships campaign FAQs


Do students really need financial support?

In Australia, 18% of full-time domestic students regularly go without food of other necessities because they can't afford these items. The opportunity to complete a university qualification should not be restricted by the students' capacity to pay or their socio-economic background. Scholarships promote more open and accessible education by helping students with tuition, fees, books and living expenses.

Students can apply for and receive the HECS-HELP benefit. Why do they need more financial assistance?

The cost of attending university is far greater than fees alone. Perth is Australia's most expensive city and one of the priciest cities in the world. On top of this, 13% of Curtin students come from low socio-economic backgrounds. While many students seek part-time work to supplement HECS-HELP, the cost of attending university can still be a prohibitive barrier. Scholarships enable students to focus on their studies without the burden of financial stress or extensive and distracting work commitments.

How much do students pay in tuition fees?

Tuition fees vary depending on the Field of Education. This is determined by the government, not set by Curtin. Whilst HECS-HELP is available (see further information below), the prospect of graduating with such a significant debt may deter some potential students from pursuing a University degree.

Study Discipline 2016 Maximum Annual Student Contribution (full time study)*
Dentistry, Medicine, Veterinary science, Law, Accounting, Administration, Economics, Commerce $10,440
Mathematics, Statistics, Computing, Built environment, Other health, Allied health, Engineering, Surveying, Science, Agriculture $8,917
Humanities, Behavioural science, Social studies, Clinical psychology, Foreign languages, Visual and Performing arts $6,256
Education, Nursing $6,256

*Tuition fees for Commonwealth Supported Students, i.e. domestic students. International students pursuing higher education at Curtin's Bentley campus pay significantly higher fees.

What other expenses do students face?

Many students, especially those from regional WA or elsewhere in Australia or overseas, struggle with the high cost of living in Perth. Accommodation, in particular, is a major expense. Students with a family to support face an even greater struggle to meet basic living costs.

Service Single Family
Rent (furnished residence) $180 $390
Clothing, toiletries and entertainment $120 $145
Food $120 $200
Public transport $25 $40
Services (gas, water and electricity) $20 $30
Health insurance $9 $42
Total $474 $847

Whilst part time work helps students to earn money, gain experience and develop their skills, excessive work can be detrimental to their studies.

There are plenty of scholarship options available. Why do students need more?

Even with Curtin's $5 million annual commitment to fund scholarships, 65 per cent of students who apply for scholarships do not receive funding. The WAIT Alumni Scholarships Campaign will increase the availability of scholarships and the number of students who benefit from them.

I'm not really connected with WAIT or Curtin University anymore. Why should I give to the Campaign?

By giving to Curtin, you not only invest in the future of our students but benefit the wider community, both locally and internationally. Additionally, your contribution will demonstrate your commitment to education and this commitment translates to higher calibre graduates prepared for employment in your company, business or industry.

My company would like to contribute to the Campaign. How is a business/corporate gift handled?

Business and corporate gifts are processed and acknowledged in very much the same way that individual gifts are. Curtin administers tax invoices and receipts for all business and corporate gifts.

I'd like to give an endowed fund. How is Curtin's endowment investment portfolio managed?

Curtin's Investment and Treasury Management Policy provides the framework for the University's investing and treasury management activities. The investment strategy is to achieve maximisation of earnings within acceptable levels of risk. Annual earnings are distributed based on the purposes specified by the donors.

I have an interest in research at Curtin University. Does the WAIT Alumni Scholarships Campaign have a positive impact on research?

Scholarships help to attract the best and brightest students, including those seeking higher-level degrees in research. High-achieving students have many educational options in Australia and abroad, and scholarships enhance Curtin's competitiveness in research.

What happens when I give to the WAIT Alumni Scholarships Campaign?

First, thank you for making a gift! After we receive your donation, your gift goes directly to the WAIT Scholarships Fund. No donations are used for administrative costs. We will send you an acknowledgement letter and a tax receipt. A gift of $2 or more is tax deductible for Australian tax payers. We will also keep you updated as we reach our milestones - we want you to join us in celebrating the success of the campaign!

If you choose to establish a named endowment restricted to a specific purpose there are several options to consider, such as:

  • Do you want to support students in a particular faculty or school? Undergraduate or post-graduate?
  • Would you like the emphasis of your support to be on low socio-economic backgrounds, or high academic achievers?
  • Will you be donating one lump sum or spread over a number of years? Would you like your gift to be endowed?
  • Would you like to be recognised publicly for your generosity? Perhaps have a scholarship named after you.

We are happy to explore these and other options with you. It's important to us that you feel confident your money is being spent wisely and in-line with your wishes. Once you have decided how your endowment will be tailored, we will prepare a gift agreement, giving you peace of mind that these details have been documented.

How do you measure and record results from donations?

The ultimate goal of this campaign is to provide financial assistance to as many Curtin students as possible. We will meticulously record every dollar received on our journey towards the $2 million campaign target, but we measure true success based on the students that benefit from the generosity of our donors. Working closely with Curtin's Scholarships Office, we will report on the number of scholarships awarded and, will share with you the inspiring stories of some of those.


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