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Western Australian School of Mines

Message from Neil Warburton

"I am passionate about investing in the students of today, to become the leaders of tomorrow.

The WAIT Alumni Scholarships Campaign makes this a reality. The campaign provides funds to assist students who meet needs or merit requirements in order to access higher education opportunities.

I can attest to how the high quality of education provided by the Western Australian School of Mines changes lives. The value of my experience of studying in Kalgoorlie provided me with career-ready skills - what I learnt during the day in the classroom was immediately applicable in the real world of mining.

Today the cost and time commitment required for students to complete higher education can be prohibitive. Donating to the campaign is a direct way of assisting students to overcome these barriers, and allowing them to meet their educational and professional goals.

My goal is to continue the legacy of opportunity that was available to me. With your help, we can create a large endowment scholarship fund that will eventually support all students from the Western Australian School of Mines. This investment will have wide impact well into the future - as the well-equipped, highly skilled students of today go on to contribute to, transform and lead our communities. I hope you will join me in making a difference."

Neil Warburton, Non-Executive Director, Independence Group

WASM Endowment Scholarship Fund

Curtin University's Western Australian School of Mines has been a central focus in contributing to the knowledge and skills of the Western Australian mining and minerals sector.

Established by the State Government in Coolgardie in 1899, the School relocated to Kalgoorlie in 1902, before becoming a brand of Western Australian Institute of Technology (WAIT) in 1969. Today it remains a central facility of Curtin University with campuses in Perth and Kalgoorlie.

The Western Australian School of Mines is known for building strong partnerships, continual investment in high-tech facilities and a commitment to attracting some of the world's exemplary students - who go on to become leaders in the globally relevant industry.

One such graduate and leader in the sector is Neil Warburton, Non-Executive Chairman of Red Mountain Mining. Neil graduated with an Associate Degree in Mining Engineering in 1979, and has worked within the industry in roles ranging from corporate non-executive directorships to managing large mining and contracting companies.

Neil is a donor to the WASM Endowment Scholarship Fund providing student scholarships to continue the WASM legacy of opportunity.