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Alumni Annual Appeal 2017

2017 marks the celebration of Curtin University's 50 Years of Innovation, and in this anniversary year we're launching our inaugural Alumni Annual Appeal. The Appeal is an opportunity for you to reconnect with your university, to hear its news and achievements from those closest to the action - Curtin's students - and offers an invitation to be part of Curtin's philanthropic story.

Funds raised in the Alumni Annual Appeal will create new opportunities for those students with boundless potential but limited means, and will help get innovative ideas off the ground. 100% of your donation will be used for the cause you choose to support, and we'll keep you informed of the impact of your gift.

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Alumni Annual Appeal 2017

What was your Curtin lightbulb moment?

We want to hear about your greatest discovery during your time as a Curtin student. Whether this was an academic accomplishment, a personal relationship or a sporting achievement, you're invited to share this, and your experiences since Curtin, with your student caller.

The Appeal

The Alumni Annual Appeal will run for six weeks, from Wednesday 13th September until Tuesday 24th October.
Curtin's students will be calling from the following phone number: +61 8 9266 9255.
If you would prefer not to receive a phone call in this Appeal, or would like to update your details, please contact us at
If you're unable to take the phone call but would still like to donate, you can do so here.

Gifts to the Appeal are tax-deductible. Giving to Curtin – FAQs


Alumni Futures Fund Scholarships

The Alumni Futures Fund will provide vital funds to assist and encourage Curtin students experiencing difficult personal and financial circumstances.

Last year, less than 25% of students who applied for a scholarship based on financial disadvantage received the support they needed. Through Alumni Futures Fund Scholarships, Curtin alumni will transform the lives of current students, providing them with new opportunities and supporting them as they strive to make tomorrow better. Donate now

WA School of Mines Scholarship Endowment Fund

The Western Australian School of Mines (WASM) has been at the forefront of enhancing the knowledge and skills of the mining and resources sector for more than a century.

The WASM Scholarship Endowment Fund will invest donations to establish a sustainable source of funding for generations of WASM students in need of support, encouraging the brightest students of all backgrounds and experiences to become future industry leaders. Donate now

Alumni Innovation Fund: Accelerate

Since its inception as the WA Institute of Technology, Curtin has had innovation at its heart. The Alumni Innovation Fund celebrates this spirit, and through its support of the burgeoning ideas of students and recent graduates, will foster the development of inventive solutions to the world’s issues.

This year the Appeal will enable alumni to back a student or recent graduate’s innovative idea, providing seed funding, training and mentorship through the Curtin Accelerate program.

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