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As a global institution committed to excellence and international engagement, we investigate, explore and make discoveries through the diversity of our teaching and research.

While government funding and research grants enable us to deliver high-impact research outcomes and an innovative learning experience for students, your support helps ensure Curtin continues to excel in the University's mission, which is to retain our position as a global university; placed in the top 200 globally and the top 10 nationally. 

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Highlighted projects

Annual Appeal 2017

Alumni Annual Appeal 2017

2017 marked the celebration of Curtin University's 50 Years of Innovation, and in the anniversary year we launched our inaugural Alumni Annual Appeal. The Appeal was an opportunity for you to reconnect with your university and offered an invitation to be part of Curtin's philanthropic story. We would like to thank all of our alumni who helped in making our first Annual Appeal a success!


WAIT Alumni Scholarships campaign

The Western Australian Institute of Technology (WAIT) played a significant role in the development of higher education in Australia, creating new opportunities for students to gain qualifications in vital areas of need such as architecture, pharmacy and engineering.

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Other Projects

  • Curtin Business School


    Help the business leaders and researchers of tomorrow drive new ideas, entrepreneurship and innovation into the commercial limelight.

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  • Faculty of Health Sciences

    Health Sciences

    Support staff and students who provide essential services to individuals, groups and communities and research that are focused on providing practical solutions to global health challenges.

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  • John Curtin Gallery


    The John Curtin Gallery is a cultural place to examine our past and how it shapes our present, and for imagining the world of our future.

    Donations towards the gallery bring opportunities to its audiences to experience and engage with the visual culture of our time.

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  • Indigenous initiatives


    Together we can create positive social change. Help us aid reconciliation and provide higher education to Indigenous Australians.

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  • Faculty of Humanities


    Champion our out-of-the-box thinkers. With your help they can turn dreams into reality, teach future children and inspire and empower communities around the world.

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  • Scholarships


    Help a student from any background achieve their university goals. You can choose to spur academic excellence or enable a student in need to reach their potential. 

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