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Make a bequest

Bequests are a wonderful way to ensure your legacy provides much needed support for the University. Whether you contribute to exciting new research ventures, student scholarship opportunities or innovative learning environments, your support can enrich many lives.

If you would like to make a bequest to Curtin University, please contact us, or have your legal adviser do so. When you have made a bequest, please let us know so we can keep you informed about developments at Curtin and invite you to special events held throughout the year for our benefactors.


Types of bequests

  • Specific bequest

    Bequeaths an asset other than money; for example, property, books, paintings and shares.

  • Contingent bequest

    Bequeaths your estate absolutely to a person or persons, but if they predecease you, your estate is bequeathed to Curtin University.

  • Percentage bequest

    Specifies a percentage of your estate to Curtin University.

  • Residual bequest

    Bequeaths the remainder of your estate (the residue) after debts, charges and gifts have been deducted. A residual bequest maintains its relative value, automatically adjusting with the value of your estate.

  • Pecuniary bequest

    Bequeaths a fixed amount of money.

  • How to include your bequest in your will

    When preparing your will, we recommend that you seek legal advice to ensure your wishes are expressed correctly.