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Meet some of our Give to Change donors and recipients

Giving at Curtin is about people, united by a desire to make a difference.

From our donors, whose generosity creates transformative and enduring benefits for many - to our recipients, who are enabled to achieve their goals and make their positive impact in the world.


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Individuals and organisations from across our community give to Curtin. Our donors are people who wish to assist students to access exceptional educational opportunities, and believe in the far-reaching power of Curtin's world-class teaching, research and initiatives. We are grateful for the generosity of each and every one.

Meet some of our donors



Whether it be to ease financial hardship and debt, reward academic excellence, or to enable participation in specialist educational experiences, Curtin students benefit from donations in life-changing ways. Curtin's outstanding researchers are supported in their endeavours to solve the critical issues that face the planet, and the drivers of our leading educational programs are able to make real change in the world.

Meet some of our recipients


Give to Change videos

Since its inception, Give to Change has made a difference to the lives of numerous Curtin students. These students have come from different backgrounds and circumstances, and with the help of Curtin staff, have gone on to achieve amazing things. From a first-in-family university graduate, to a dietetic student practicing in Cambodian communities, the generosity of Curtin staff has provided life-changing opportunities for many.

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