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Chisola, Give to Change recipient

Chisola travelled from Zambia in 2012 to Australia to study nursing at Curtin University in the pursuit of employment opportunities and a better life for her and her family.


Throughout her studies, she found that there were times she struggled to keep up with the payment of fees.

"My family, my job income and my friends had been my source of financial help when I could not pay my fees, but after exhausting all of these sources I had nowhere else to turn to," Chisola admits.

After seeking advice from a Curtin student services officer, Chisola found out about the scholarships available as part of the Give to Change program.

Being awarded a Sally Webster Hardship Fund Scholarship made all the difference to her life.

"When I was granted this scholarship, it was a moment of great relief and joy for me. Being in my last semester, the worst possible thing that would have happened, had I not received the scholarship, would have been to go back home. The scholarship has made it possible for me to still be here in Australia and pursue employment opportunities," says Chisola.

"It saved my life and gave me hope when I thought I was going to lose everything I worked and studied hard for. I'll never forget what Curtin has done for me. I will always be grateful."